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Ricoh launches the R1580

Ricoh launches the R1580, a Constant Current LED Driver Controller for LED lighting applications.  A solution with a new concept for a wide range of applications using LED driver control gear such as residential and office lighting, industrial lighting for machine vision purposes, automotive lighting and art and museum lighting. The multi-purpose device R1580 has…


Meet Ricoh’s RP155Z Series Power Management ICs

Ricoh’s RP155Z Series Power Management ICs 200 mA LDO Regulator with Alternative Dual-Voltage Level Output The RP155Z is a 200-mA LDO regulator with a selectable dual-voltage level output. It provides the VSEL pin that is used to select one of two preset output voltage levels. Excellent ripple rejection, input transient response, and load transient response make…

R2262 1920 x 1080

Ricoh launches the R2262, a 3-Wire Bus Interface RTC IC with Backup Battery Switchover Circuit

Ricoh Europe launches a new Real Time Clock IC, the R2262. This integrated circuit keeps track of accurate time and date at all times, and communicates with the processor by three signal lines. With three important functions incorporated in just one device, namely Real Time Clock, Backup Battery Switchover Circuit and Voltage Detector, the R2262…

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Ricoh Launches new Power Management Products for Automotive Applications

Ricoh Europe B.V. Semiconductor Support Centre has launched a range of new CMOS-based products designed for the automotive market. The new products expand the company’s portfolio for automotive power management ICs and offer a range of features to help vehicle manufacturers continue to innovate in design, safety and features. Ricoh has brought to the market…

RP509 1920 x 1080

Ricoh launches new RP509 0.5A / 1A PWM/VFM Step-down DC/DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier

Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V. Semiconductor Support Centre has launched a new PWM/VFM Step-down DC/DC Converter RP509 with Synchronous Rectifier and an optional output current limit of 0.5A or 1A. This product offers a small footprint on the circuit board and requires small external components due to its high operating frequency of 6MHz. The RP509 is…

PMU 1920 x 1080

Ricoh launches three advanced single chip Power Management Unit ICs for application processors

Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V. Semiconductor Support Centre has launched three advanced Power Management Unit (PMU) ICs; RN5T567, RN5T618 and RC5T619, which are used as a single, cost-effective complex power supply for application processors, MCUs, FPGAs and system-level peripherals. The easiest way to build an efficient power management system for a battery-powered portable application is to…


Ricoh’s 2015 Electronic Devices Selection Guide

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company (REDC) have long offered safe and trusted high-performance CMOS analog devices, developed by using unique manufacturing processes and circuitry technologies as well as the latest mounting technology. Their commitment to customer technologies for 2015 include contributing to creating power-saving, small-sizing, high-precision and high-reliability products. Download the Ricoh 2015 Electronic Devices Selection Guide to see how…