SGA's field of operations is development, prototype manufacturing and production of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). SGA is a complete ASIC partner for mixed signal and analog ASIC projects. From the customer's requirements, they can take responsibility for both development and production of the ASIC. SGA has, since 1986 when the company was founded, completed over 100 different ASIC development projects and a large number of consultancy tasks within the ASIC area. SGA's main focus is on analog and mixed signal ASIC.


Hong Kong

Tri-T is the leading LCD modules, LCM and liquid crystal display modules manufacturer. They provide cost effective and innovative solutions to meet LCD modules design requirements for electronic companies. Tri-T carry a line of character and graphical display modules that are compatible with other LCD modules manufacturers. The LCD modules can be customised to suit individual customer needs.

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Taiyo Yuden


Since Taiyo Yuden's inception in 1950, they have been engaged in the development and mass production of electronic components that meet contemporary market needs. Their core philosophy states that the process of product commercialisation should start with material development. They currently engage in research, development, manufacture and sales of products that include capacitors, inductors, circuit products, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)/Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR) devices, energy devices and recording media.