Gary Spinks


Doesn't like to wear socks, even in winter. International man of mystery, without the velvet suit and Union Jack jaguar. Sleeps little and always on hand to service engineering needs. Owns a kilt.

Phil Ashton


With the former body shape of Baloo (cf: Jungle Book), and the brain of the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, Phil brings an eclectic mix of intelligence, laughter and pain to the team. Armchair sportsman, real-time character and would be Publican. Has orange hair by birth. So did the Milkman.

Chris Stevens


Tarquin to his friends and Michelle at weekends. Battle hardened Semiconductor Sales person, who spends his spare time with his soldering iron at the ready. Motivated. The Peter Pan of the team, as he has the baby face that he had when we first met him 20 years ago.

Keith Jackson


The Northern Connection. Has been mistaken for Leslie Philips. Hello. Lively, tactile and full of (northern) erudite wit. Still goes on 18-30 holidays even though he has a half century under his belt. Knows the inside of the Semiconductor business better than most. Attends Geekfests. Reads data sheets in his sleep.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.57.16
Simon Brandon

Business Development Manager

Simon recently joined Line One Sales in the role of Business Development Manager to help promote both the existing and new supply lines within the businesses portfolio.

Joss Spinks

Head of Marketing

Brings post-graduate experience in marketing to the team of ‘oldies’ that surround him. Has a penchant for felt tip pens. Social media marcom expert. Favourite film: Shawshank. He says that his Dad looks like the Governor. He, is the Governor.

Kylie Grayson

Accounts & Internal Sales Coordinator

The office ‘lady’. Answers to the name of ‘Two Hashbrowns’. Trained in the fine art of cooking the books, aka accountancy. Hobbies include foreign languages and is currently studying Gaelic and Irish.


LOS_Staff Profile_Mark
Mark Stuart

Sales & Business Development