R2025S-E2-F High precision I2C-Bus RTC Module

R2025S-E2-F: High precision I2C-Bus RTC Module SOP14 TR

The R2025S/D is a real-time clock module, built in CMOS real-time clock IC and crystal oscillator, connected to the CPU by two signal lines, SCL and SDA, and configured to perform serial transmission of time and calendar data to the CPU.

  • Builtin32.768kHz crystal unit. The oscillation frequency is adjusted to high precision (0±5ppm: at 25°C)
  • Time keeping voltage 1.15V to 5.5V
  • Super low power consumption 0.48μA TYP (1.2μA MAX) at VDD=3V
  • I2C-Businterface(Maximum serial clock frequency: 400KHz at VDD≥1.7V)
  • Time counters (counting hours, minutes, and seconds) and calendar counters (counting years, months, days, and weeks) (in BCD format)

R2025S-E2-F Data Sheet

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Product Identification

  • Full Part Number R2025S-E2-F
  • Manufacturer Ricoh