RTC 2-wire serial w battery back up @2.8V,SSOP16,T&R(2KU)

The R2051 is a CMOS real-time clock IC connected to the CPU by two signal lines, SCL and SDA, and configured to perform serial transmission of time and calendar data to the CPU. Further, battery backup switchover circuit and a voltage detector are incorporated. The periodic interrupt circuit is configured to generate interrupt signals with six selectable interrupts ranging from 0.5 seconds to 1 month. The 2 alarm interrupt circuits generate interrupt signals at preset times.

Since the package for these ICs is SSOP16 (5.0×6.4×1.25: R2051Sxx), QFN023023-16(2.3×2.3×0.4:R2051Lxx), or TSSOP10G (4.0×2.9×1.0: R2051Txx), high density mounting of ICs on boards is possible.

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