RS5C372B-E2-F: I2C Bus Serial RTC

RS5C372B-E2-F: I2C Bus Serial RTC

The RS5C372B is a CMOS type real-time clock which is connected to the CPU via 2-wires and capable of serial transmission of clock and calendar data to the CPU. The RS5C372A can generate various periodic interrupt clock pulses lasting for long period (one month), and alarm interrupt can be made by days of the week, hours, and minutes by two incorporated systems.

  • Time keeping voltage: 1.45V to 6.0V
  • Lowest supply current: 0.5μA TYP. (0.9μA MAX.) : 3V (25°C) (1.0μA MAX.) : 3V (–40 to +85°C)
  • Connected to the CPU via only 2-wires (I2C bus Interface, MAX.400kHz, address 7bit)

RS5C372B-E2-F Data Sheet

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Product Identification

  • Full Part Number RS5C372B-E2-F
  • Manufacturer Ricoh